Unique sandy island paradise

in the heart of Europe × Croatia


Say "Yes" to holidays far from the maddening crowd - sunshine, the blue waters of the Adriatic sea, silky sands, rich wine and fresh fish… no cars and hotels… this is Your dream island - Susak.


The island of Susak is situated in the Northern Adriatic, some 10 miles southeast from the island of Losinj.

This wonderful natural phenomenon was created by the river Po which kept depositing its sands on the rocky surface of the island for thousand and thousands of years. The sandy cascades are home to its famous reed.

The island was appreciated by the Romans already for its excellent wines, hidden sandy bays, pristine clear waters and sands used for medicinal purposes. Tourism flourished during the Austro-Hungarian reign when doctor Hojs organized a health spa in the Bay of Bok.



44°31′N 14°18′E


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We treat all our businesses like homes and all our homes like businesses.



Our newsiest but still most traditional Susak house on the island. With a special care to preserve the fire place and antique furniture we made this place enjoyable for a holiday retreat. More



Our smallest but still cute Susak house. We started at the bottom and handmade a warm house made of stone perfect for a small family or a couple.  More

Dumica et Dumica

HOUSES 612L & 612D

It is a public secret that people from the same family roots on the island married each other in the past. hat is how we crafted Twin Houses Dumica et Dumica.  Located one by another they have the same DNA.  More



We call it home of artists. House Tonuca combines Susak's traditional style with modern artistic touch including posters from famous ballet performances like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker..   More

The name Sansego comes from the Greek word Sansegus meaning oregano which grows in abundance on the island.

Unique Culture

Susak is best known for the ornate and elaborate costumes worn by younger women primarily for special occasions such as a wedding or feast day. More

Tasty Wine

Have a taste of a high quality and unique wine that has been awarded Wine in Croatia Silver Medal. The types of wine include black, red, white and rose. More

Traditional Local Food

Seafood—especially fish and squids are popular fare due to its relative abundance. Lamb cooked on an open fire is generally reserved for special occasions. More

Unique sandy beaches and shallow sea where your children can splash in warm waters independently. For all who want full privacy there are plenty of spots on rocky beaches on western part.

Nowadays this is the island of expatriots. Over 3000 of original inhabitants and their descendents live in New York City. The island is home only to around 200 local people.

But it is slowly becoming a European retreat of house owners searching rural pleasures and peaceful artistic existence.

Throughout the year the island has a daily connection with the island of Mali Losinj and the mainland either by ship or catamaran. The island has a an elementary school, a post office, health care center, typical village pubs where you can get famous squids from the Adriatic Sea.

The island of Susak was proclaimed a national heritage therefore there are no hotels and no cars on the island.

This is a holiday of sunbathing and swimming in hidden bays and tucked away beaches, taking long walks or go trekking, playing cards and other local passtimes with locals, grilling your freshly caught fish in the evenings and enjoying the sunset. And nights are warm and inviting...