Booking & Payments

Once we receive your online booking from , an inquiry from any referred website or email with information about your arrival, departure dates, number of persons and type of accommodation, Susak Sansego will issue, within 48 hours a receipt of your details, a conformation of availability with the corresponding quotation. Once the quote is issued by Susak Sansego it will be valid for a period of 4 days, during which time it must be confirmed by you. In order to confirm your booking / reservation 30% deposit has to be settled on application and 70% balance has to be settled 14 days prior to your arrival. If this is not confirmed with FULL information, including all guests staying in the house personal information for tourist tax purposes as requested, the provisional booking will automatically fall and will be canceled with cancelation charges. 


  • Credit Card Payments

You will receive an email including a link to make a credit card payment for both deposit and balance payment on time. Credit card payments are possible with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover 

  • Bank transfer

You will receive an email including all the required information for successful bank transfer on time.
Failure to comply with our payment terms as described will result in the cancellation of the enrolment. 

Security & Privacy Policy

Susak Sansego is committed to protecting your data. We understand and respect the need to keep your information private and have implemented a number of best practices to ensure it stays this way. The information bellow describes how we collect and use your information whey you either request more information or when you make purchase / inquiry online. 

  • Requesting information

When requesting more information about a particular service or product Susak Sansego simply collect personal information that you voluntarily prove to us (name, address, phone number, email address and any additional information you opt to include in your request) to allow us and our partners to deliver a better and more efficient service. All information collected is used solely for this purpose and solely by Susak Sansego. 

  • Booking (inquiry)

We understand that making purchases online involves a great deal of trust on your part. We take this trust very seriously and make it our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information. To protect the confidentiality of your information Susak Sansego makes use of SSL technology when effecting your transaction. SSL technology is designed so that the information you enter on your browser is encrypted before being transmitted. Put simply, all the information you enter when purchasing a service or product online at , , can only be read by us, thus it is protected and secure. Such information will be processed by Susak Sansego for billing purposes and to help us deliver our services as efficiently as possible. In addition to using SSL, all credit card numbers are used solely for processing of payments and are not stored by Susak Sansego. 

Cancellation Policy

If a person would like to cancel his/her booking this should be done in a written form and send to our email address on The date of booking cancelation is the base for booking cancelation fees. The following fees apply in the booking cancelation process: 

  • 10% of total invoiced amount if the cancelation is made up to 30 days upon arrival 
  • 20% of total invoiced amount if the cancelation is made from 29 to 22 days upon arrival 
  • 30% of total invoiced amount if the cancelation is made from 21 to 16 days upon arrival 
  • 50% of total invoiced amount if the cancelation is made from 15 to 8 days upon arrival 
  • 80% of total invoiced amount if the cancelation is made from 7 to 3 days upon arrival 
  • 100% of total invoiced amount if the cancelation is made 2 or less days upon arrival or if the booking is canceled after arrival or if the guest does not show up. 

In the case guest leaves a house before his departure dates they are not allowed to apply for any kind of refunds. 
Any changes to confirmed bookings will be considered as cancellations, therefore cancellation policies will apply. When possible, Susak Sansego will try to be flexible subject to availability. Any such changes will incur a cost of 50.00 Eur for Administration expenses. 

Complaints Procedure

If at any time throughout the stay, guests are not happy with any area of their stay, they are to fill a Complaint From which they may obtain from the house they stay in. In addition to that they are required to inform us via phone on either +38641772170 or +38631863904. An End-of-Stay Evaluation Form will also be gives to guests to evaluate the level of satisfaction of our customers at the end of their stay. No complaint can be accepted by Susak Sansego after the end of the relevant stay if it has not been brought to our attention as explained above.

Loss of property / insurance

Susak Sansego will not be held responsible for loss or theft of any guest's property from the accommodation or from any other location. Guest's property is the sole responsibility of the guest at all times. Susak Sansego advises guests to take out a travel insurance policy which cover them throughout their stay in Croatia. 

Force Majeure

In the event that Susak Sansego is unable to fulfill any of its obligations as a result of an event/events beyond Susak Sansego's reasonable control, Susak Sansego will not accept responsibility or liability. Such events include (however will not be limited to); terrorist attacks, war or the threat of war, riots, industrial action, natural or manmade disasters, unusually adverse weather conditions or any other event/events that may classify Croatia as an "at risk destination" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


  • Guests booking an apartment must be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Guests are expected to keep their apartment clean and tidy at all times. Furniture is to be respected and maintained. Failure to do so will result in additional charges 
  • Breakages or broken equipment must be reported to Susak Sansego as soon as identified. 
  • Noise or any other disturbances are strictly forbidden. Persons who cause serious disturbances to the neighbors will be evicted an in these cases no refund will be given. 
  • Upon check in guests are to inspect the house. Should anything be broken they are to report the details to Susak Sansego within 24 hours 
  • Guest will receive a key and will be responsible for returning the key at the end of the stay. If a key is lost additional charges may apply. 
  • Check out time at latest is 11:00 am and check in time is not earlier than 14:00 on the day of arrival unless specifically requested. 
  • Susak Sansego houses are non-smoking. Those guests caught smoking inside the house will be fined.
  • Susak Sansego is committed to offering quality accommodation. Should any one encounter any problems with their house Susak Sansego will do all we can to solve the problem within 24 hours of receipt. Should we be unable to resolve a valid complaint within 48 hours Susak Sansego will do everything possible to change the guest's accommodation immediately.