Restaurant Barbara

Tourists on their one day visit to Susak often stop at this place aether looking for refreshment after climbing to the upper village or to wash away dust from their mouth after visiting the cemetery (there’s some dust on the way). It’s a clean and simple place run by the owner called Barbara. They serve standard dishes found in majority of the restaurants along the Adriatic coast: grilled meat and fish, squids etc.

This refreshingly simple place has unremarkable décor. There are tables inside, in a little courtyard just in front of the restaurant and on the terrace.

Restaurant Ancora

This is the first restaurant you will run into when you arrive to the island, since it is located right at the harbor. It features a large terrace with an overview of the harbor. Due to it’s unique position, people leaving the island make their final stop there to have one last drink before the ship arrives.

The choice of food is similar to the one in the Barbara’s: grilled meat and fish, crabs etc.

Osman's Patisserie

The only pâtisserie on the Susak is kept by a really great guy called Osman and his family. He has been running this place since I can remember. Although Osman lives on Susak only during the summer and is not one of the indigenous people, he a significiant role in Susak’s identity.

The decoration of the place is for sure not the thing which will attract you to stop there. However, due to the facts that it is located on the main street of the lower village and that it is the only pâtisserie on the island, you will end there sooner or later.

Osman’s pâtisserie offers a modest choice of pastries and sweets, including ice cream and unavoidable burek.


The Emigrants' Club

Cheep drinks and lousy service are the trademarks of the Emigrant’s club. One might say that these two things are the key part of it’s charm. The club if founded by the people who have immigrated to the United States.

There are a few long wooden benches and large desks on the outside and a few simple desks on the inside. There is not almost any decoration, if one doesn’t count a few photos of important events hanging from the walls. Except for the favorable prices and relaxed atmosphere, one of the great things about this place is that it’s right on the beech. Visiting this place is a must - don’t leave the island without having at least one drink there!

Wine Tasting at the Cellar

In the nineties an Italian wine maker Cosulich came to Susak and bought a lot of land from the locals. For first time after many years wine was again professionally produced on Susak. In the only vine cellar belonging to mister Cosulichs you can buy some of the Susak’s typical vines: Iliria, Liburnia and Trojiscina.